Caring for flowers

Looking after your fab flowers 

When you receive your flowers cut 1cm off the stems and let them have a good drink in some clean water.


As you arrange your flowers in a vase or bowl make sure you strip the stems so that no leaves will sit under the water.


After a few days cut another 2cms off the stems and change the water. Continue changing the water every couple of days to maximise your flowers' happiness.


Try to keep your flowers away from strong light or heat - generally a window sill with a radiator underneath is a flower's worst nightmare!


As they ripen, some types of fruit give off a gas called ethylene. This gas can have nasty side effects on your lovely flowers so putting your vase next to the fruit bowl is a 'no no' too. 

Arranging your flowers 

Everyone has their own style when it comes to flowers but sometimes it is useful to see how someone has achieved a particular look. Below are some links to our favourite florists and stylists; all creating sheer loveliness and sharing their own tips and tricks - 

Fieldwork Flowers

Sarah Raven does dahlias

Arranging spring flowers in a simple vase

Arrange in your hand first

Spring ideas from House Beautiful 

Also we really love Lindsey Kitchin from The White Horse Flower company and Brigitte Girling from Moss and Stone Floral Design on Instagram (IGTV)